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beginning greenleaf There is much prey and good growing of the plants. It's about 16°C outside.
Like the next big gathering, but it's nothing at the moment.

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 The words for ceremonies

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PostSubject: The words for ceremonies   11.05.13 6:32

For a leader to gather his clan for a clan meeting

Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the (whatever you use) for a clan meeting!
Every clan member goes to the gathering place.

Apprentices ceremony

Examplkit, from this day until you receive your warrior name, you will be called Exampelpaw. May StarClan watch over you in your journey to become a warrior.
Musterheart, your skills (maybe or two special characteristics) are great. I know that you will pass these qualities on Exampelpaw.

Exampelpaw goes over to her/his mentor to touch noses with him. This gesture shows, that they go along with each other for the time of the apprenticeship.

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PostSubject: Re: The words for ceremonies   12.05.13 1:35

Warriors ceremony
I, (name of leader), ExempelClan´s leader, call StarClan and ask them for look at this apprentice. He//She has trained hard to can follow your nobel laws and I recommend it to you now as warrior. Exempelpaw,do you promise to observe the law of warriors and safe and defend the clan, even if it costs your life?
I promise it!
Then I´ll give you with the power of StarClan your warriorname. Exempelpaw, from this moment you´ll be called Exempelheart. StarClan honors your braveness and your strength and we call you welcome as a full warrior of the ExempelClan.
Leader takes his/her snout at Exempelheart´s head and Exempelheart licks his/her shoulder.
Exampelhert has must, according the tradition of StarClan keep silently nightwatch until dawn and guard the camp and our sleep.


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The words for ceremonies
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