English Warrior Cats RPG
Welcome, young warrior!
Play with us in the forest of the clans and have fun with your friends.

English Warrior Cats RPG

Be a warrior and serve for your clan! Meet the forest and be a part of him!
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beginning greenleaf There is much prey and good growing of the plants. It's about 16°C outside.
Like the next big gathering, but it's nothing at the moment.

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PostSubject: Rules   10.05.13 7:00

Generally rules:

-no insulting and threatening
-links to pornographic websites aren´t allowed
-you aren´t allowed to have an argument in the chat room or a thread
-if an user isn´t here for one month without announcement, he´ll delete
-spam outside the spam-topics aren´t allowed
- German outside the German-category isn’t allowed, except in brackets

RPG´s rules

-every post must have at least two lines
-you are only allowed to play your own cats
-thoughts and dreams have to be written cursive, other cats don´t notice the matter of these parts
-don´t kill cats without the absolute permission from the cat´s player
-your posts mustn´t say, what other cats do
-no RPG with yourself
-no abnormally skills

Please think of the right way to write, mistakes aren´t bad, but you should correct them!!

Character rules

-your first cat have to be called like your account
-please fill in the „my cat“ in your profile for this cat
-present your characters in the thread for that
-no double accounts
-you can play as many characters as you can play active
-you can play your characters, when an admin has accepted them, not earlier
-you can play two special cats in the clans, but:
---Not from the same clan
---Not two leaders
---Not leader and deputy
---Not two medicine cats
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